Gamification Media Production House Services in Malaysia

We are a Malaysian based Digital Marketing & Advertising and Video Production Company specializing in empowerment videos, creative writings, visual effects and social media management. We live and breathe the newest ground-breaking digital marketing ecosystem with our extraordinary talents.


Broadcasting Services

Broadcasting focuses on getting your message out. Let our seamless MINNTS TV broadcasting platform to manage your streaming video with high resolution. It is a dummy proof platform that makes your products works like a miracle.

Hype & Trendy Design

Successful company has an impactful visual related to their product and services. It also provides the brand identity of the company. The design is what will set you apart from your competition and help you garner the attention, spark interest and elicit emotion.

Creative Copywriting

Every Brand starts with a good influential script. A pen is mightier than a sword, you could achieve your purpose better with effective communication with words by delivering a good story write up on your product and brand.

Social Media Management

It’s hard to imagine a world without Social Media. Create your own communities around brands, driving advocacy and engagement by centralizing your social media is a basic need for every business.

Database Marketing

Database Marketing is an interactive approach to marketing, which uses the individually addressable marketing media and channels (such as Social Media Platforms, E-mail, telephone and the sales force) to extend help to a company's target audience; to stimulate their demand; and to stay close to them by recording and keeping an electronic database memory of the customer, prospect and all commercial contacts, to help improve all future contacts and to ensure more realistic of all marketing. Let Minnts run the show just for you.

Corporate Video

High-quality corporate films are essential for maintaining your brand image and successfully communicating your company’s mission. It provides trustworthy credentials, transparency and strength to your corporate brand

Key Opinion Media Management

Level-up your business by partnering with Key Opinion Leader to promote your product or services. Key Opinion Leader also able to give strong testimonials for your business. Inspiring voices to share brands with their vibrant communities.

SEO and SEM Services

You can spend thousands on your amazing website that will almost certainly impress anyone, but there is one problem, you have no visitors. We make sure, that your website is visible and crawlable by Google.

Full Cycle

We build our digital marketing service offering to suit the full range of businesses: from the smallest e-commerce setup operating from a single room office to the multinational corporations. We offer a combination of digital marketing service package to suit your advertising budget.

E-Catalogue & Media Card

Digital catalogues are more convenient because customers can easily access them anywhere and anytime through their phones, tablets or computers. They are a perfect fit for suppliers that don’t have the resources to come up with engaging print catalogues but want to showcase their products to a larger audience.

Live TV Show

Digital world stays neutral, borderless and accessed by everyone with the internet. Minnts Tv provide real time fun engaging gamification TV shows to engage with the viewers. We provide Innovative approach to be more outstanding from your competitor and creating fantastic brand awareness to others. Rest assured, MINNTS operate 24 / 7 to suit your needs. Let us showcase our MINNTS Ecosystem Today and unleash your business potential into the world of Digital Marketing.